The Syrian Companies Rank Second in number in Turkey
Published on : 2017-04-20
The Syrian Companies Rank Second in number in Turkey

Donia Al watan
Turk Press Network published statistics based on the report published by the Turkish newspaper “Yeni Akid” on the number of foreign companies operating in Turkey, and the Syrian companies ranked second in terms of number as the registered Syrian companies reached 5647.

It is noteworthy that Turkey receives the largest number of Syrian refugees, according to figures issued by the Commissioner of Refugees, their number reached three million with a temporary protection card, and the majority lives outside the refugee camps and engage in various commercial activities or work in various jobs in Turkey, a big number of Syrians hold tourist residencies or are present informally in Turkey.

The newspaper pointed out that the number of Syrian companies registered in Turkey during the year 2014 reached 2106 companies, while the number of Syrian companies in 2016 increased by 168.5% so the number of Syrian companies that opened in Turkey reached 5647.

According to statistics provided by the Federation of Chambers and Stock Exchanges in Turkey, the capital deposited by the Syrian citizens in the companies they established reached 751 million Turkish liras, which is equivalent to 209 million dollars.

The increase in the number of Syrian companies registered in Turkey is due to several reasons, the most important is the Turkish government allowing Syrians who have work permits to apply for the Turkish nationality and the expiration of the three-year period granted by the Turkish government to the Syrians in 2013 to register their businesses legally in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Turkey, in addition to the several incentives that the Turkish government offers to foreign investors, especially in the south-eastern regions such as Shanliurfa and Maraash.

In the same context, the Syrian Economic Forum made a field survey in September of last year more than 1170 Syrian trade points in the Turkish city of Gaziantep and found that more than 80% of these points are not registered or operated illegally, and this rate was higher in Killis, Hatay, and Mersin. A team from the SEF visited the Chambers of Commerce of Gaziantep and Istanbul to find that more than 4,100 Syrian companies were registered there, which is 72% of the total Syrian companies registered in Turkey.