The Artist Shalimar Sharbatly Paints the Future Car “Formula One”
Published on : 2017-05-29
The Artist Shalimar Sharbatly Paints the Future Car “Formula One”

Donia Al watan

Shalimar sharbatly was chosen by the Italian company (Ed design) to paint the world’s most high-tech car “formula one Monaco”, which is considered to be the first release that will be distributed around the world’s galleries.

The specialized racing car called THE TORK is considered to be the first of its kind to be painted. Shalimar’s artistic signature was put on the car as a special feet from the company, and she was chosen by Ed design especially after seeing Shalimar’s paint job on her own Porche, which is considered the first paint job ever of this kind. And for that reason she holds it in high regard and completely refused to sell the car, the company insisted on placing the Porche beside its “formula one” in the gallery. Shalimar sharbatly said that the “formula one” is the most high-tech car in the world and it is the car of the future as it connects to the whole world’s satellites as well as information that it contains. The painting process was held inside the company’s labs, and was documented on tape. In addition, the car’s price was between 3:5 million euros, but after the paint job, the car’s price will be raised.

Shalimar sharbatly said that the great poet Jamal Bekhiet attended the gallery and pointed out that he’s accompanied her since the beginning of her journey, where she joined him in the 2001 gallery.  It was also a poetic experience where she turned his poems into paintings. The attendees were amazed by the car’s new appearance and a large conference will be organized for the car in the city of Touraine in Italy, to publicize the cars details and specialties, the company also invited Shalimar Sharbatly to take part in the conference to reveal the mechanism of the car’s art work. The event will be held in the upcoming September as a form of marketing for the car.