Mohammed Najib Military Base
Published on : 2017-07-26
Mohammed Najib Military Base

 By:Editor –in-chief : Abudlah Essa

After the October 1973 war, the Israeli army soldier of Russian origin testified to the Russian television, he said something strange where he said: not during the October war military superiority, but the American air bridge made the Israeli supremacy, now we do not need the testimony of this Israeli Soldier Russian Federation the facts apparent to all, because Egypt tops in the entire region militarily, the announcement of the establishment of the base of the Egyptian Military Mohamed Naguib is the best evidence on the potential of the Egyptian army, in terms of electronic warfare, armament, conventional weapons, tanks and air and antibiotics.

The magnitude of the military base that contains thousands of soldiers and hundreds of installations, the opening of the presence of Arab officials, the President Abdul Fattah Al-sisi the orientations of the Egyptian people, as the protection of the Egyptian people and the protection of the Arab nation in every place of any external threats, and will contribute to the Egyptian army in the operations of construction in the Arab States in all areas.

But the question remains the same, that this huge potential enjoyed by the Egyptian army in need of financial support to Arab, and the Jordanian army needs great potential, the valiant and thus will not be of any Arab country in need of external aid, has been turned into the Arab states of the potential of a superpower, whether in Egypt or Jordan or the Gulf, after the Convention weaponry.