Father of activist Halabi: case of my son reveals corruption of Israeli judiciary
Published on : 2017-08-12
Father of activist Halabi: case of my son reveals corruption of Israeli judiciary

Donia Al watan

The father of the prisoner, Mohammed al-Halabi, confirmed that the Israeli occupation is trying to force his son to recognize the schemed accusation of "financing terrorist organizations", including Hamas, by exploiting his position in the World Vision Foundation.

"The occupation is using all kinds of brutal torture to force my son to be forcibly admitted the accusation" Khalil al-Halabi said at a protest rally outside the UN headquarters in Gaza on Tuesday.

He added that all the investigations carried out against his son proved that he is innocent;  the foundation  in which he works and  the Australian government proved that too. 

He pointed out that Muhammad spent 14 months in prison without proving anything about him, but the occupation wants to force him to confess in order to take revenge from all human institutions, he said.

He said that Mohammed revealed the corruption of the Israeli judiciary and the Israeli newspapers as his case is one of 15 cases declared and published and proved the corruption of the Israeli judiciary.

The occupation is trying to put pressure on Mohammed by all means such as preventing his lawyer from visiting him, subjecting him to cruel torture and preventing him from treatment aiming to close the humanitarian institutions in the Gaza Strip, according to Mohammed's father.

He continued: "A human rights organization against violence and torture in Tel Aviv demanded that his case should be highlighted in the press, because the lawyer and the judge do not find a direct charge that they condemn Halabi and they have no decision to acquit Halabi and criminalize the government”.