20,000 Palestinian homes waiting demolition by Israel

20,000 Palestinian homes waiting demolition by Israel
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Donia Al-Watan
More than 20,000 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem are on Israeli waiting-list to be demolished by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Head of Jerusalem Centre for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER) Ziad Hamouri said that the reason these homes had been shortlisted to be demolished was they were built without getting the needed construction licenses from the Israeli municipality in the occupied Jerusalem.

Hamouri said that the Israeli occupation uses the issue of the licenses as a pretext to get rid of the Palestinian existence in Jerusalem as the Palestinian cannot afford to meet the demands of getting a construction license.

“The Israeli demands for a construction license are inapplicable from both financial and procedural sections,” Hamouri said. “Every licence needs from five to eight years to be issues and it costs from $30,000 t0 $50,000.”

Meanwhile, such measures are not applicable on the Jews living in the city, who even find ready apartments and are being exempted from continuous and high taxes.

For years, Israeli authorities are using this pretext –demolition and high taxes– to fight the Palestinian existence in the city. They demolish houses, but the number given by Hamouri is “surprising” because it was “too large.”

Previously, Palestinian Authority foreign ministry called for the international community to stop Israeli stealth of the Palestinian lands.