Is Brussels going to be the last?

Is Brussels going to be the last?
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By: Mohamed S. Kamel*
Our hearts go out to the people of Belgium, and to the entire humanity for the horrific crime committed recently in Brussels.  A crime that wasn't the first, and unfortunately will not be the last, as long as we can’t exterminate the terrorism and eradicate the root cause of it.

Terrorism and extremism have become part of our daily lives because we are not able to fight it and we are not able to unite our forces against this disease.

Unfortunately voices of ignorance will come from everywhere to remind us that their plan was the best.  The extreme right wing, such as Marine Le Pen and Ronald Trump, will remind us of their plan to stop the immigration of all and especially of Muslims and Arabs. Hate mongers, as well, will remind us of their slogan ‘Islam is the enemy and the cause of terror’, ‘we have to eliminate it and/or change their book’.

The current administrations in the Western countries will jump their guns and remind us of the importance of sending the troops to fight ISIS. On the other hand, their friends, the dictators of the Middle-East and Far East, will enforce the western administrations ideology and call for the Western army to come down to their land to enforce their existence.

Terrorism and crime are not new. They exist since the first human on land and will continue to until the end of earth.  The new elements are our ignorance and closing our eyes to the reality that surrounds us from everywhere.

In early 1990, the Algerian election was crashed by the army supported by French Forces.  This produced a lengthy civil war, extended to guerrillas’ activities in and out of Algeria.

When the late Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the western government and the reginal dictator encouraged locals to fight in Afghanistan.  This promoted Al-Qaeda as a rising ideology defending people's rights against foreign invasion and injustice.       

Out of Al-Qaeda, we got 9-11 that produced one of the worst humiliation of human been in the West in modern history ‘Guantanamo Bay’.

This all continued to promote another sort of invasion, where the US forces invaded Iraq under false assumption, and humiliated Iraqis in several posts similar to ‘Guantanamo Bay’.  This produced ISIS.  

This was not an isolation of our collective failure in achieving the aspiration of the Palestinian people. Our shameful stand in letting the dictators govern the Middle-East and letting-down the Egyptian people by supporting the Military Coup in 2013 and the mass murder of thousands of Egyptians in cold blood. In addition to our negligence of the atrocities facing the people in Yemen, Libya and Syria

The oppression of Algerians recruited tens and hundreds for local civil war.  The encouragement of Al-Qaeda recruited hundreds and thousands for reginal guerrilla war. The war on Iraq recruited tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands under ISIS umbrella.

Brussels will not be the last terrorist attack, but could be the turning point in fighting terrorism the right way.  This only could happen by respecting our core values in respecting Human Rights, Democracy, and Social and Political justice. This will be the only way to burn the roots of ISIS and the like organizations' capability in recruiting and will be the right way to fight terrorism by eradicating their cause of existence.