Al-Riyad Charity Launches Hajj by Proxy Project on Behalf of Palestinian Detainees

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Donia AL watan

 Al-Riyad Charity launched the project of Hajj by Proxy (pilgrimage by proxy) on behalf of Palestinian detainees jailed in Israeli occupation prisons, including detainees sentenced to long sentences and life imprisonment.

Dr. Riad Shahin, Chairman of the charity Board said that "the project aims to support the steadfastness of  Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, and to bring the message of hope and solidarity to them from the whole nation."

The project put forward to participate in Arab and Muslim countries, a view to break the siege and the isolation of Palestinian detainees. Also as a step to restore Arab and Muslim street momentum towards the Palestinian cause in general, and the issue of detainees languishing behind Israeli bars in particular, Dr. Shahin added.

For the participation mechanism, Dr. Shahin explained that the charity has prepared a model posted on its website for those interested can access to all detainees information and choose the name of the detainee whom they wished to perform Hajj on his behalf, where the charity  will be in communion with the detainee's family to inform them with the details

Al-Riyad Charity Society for Community Development is a charity working in Gaza, aims to help poor and needy families, sponsoring orphans and needy in the Gaza Strip. The charity works along with a wide range of institutions, parties and supporting individuals, based on the strong confidence that figured it out through the constant and trustworthy activities in serving the marginalized groups and those most in need in the Gaza Strip.