Nirvana Travel & Tourism Leads the Way with the Paris Sorbonne Race 2017

Nirvana Travel & Tourism Leads the Way with the Paris Sorbonne Race 2017
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Donia Al watan 

 Nirvana Travel & Tourism, the leading tour operator of the UAE is one of the primary sponsors of the annual Paris Sorbonne Stand Up Paddleboard Race that will be held on 17- 18 March at the Paris Sorbonne campus.

The Stand-Up Paddleboard Race 2017 is organized by the Paris- Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi to raise awareness of the importance of fitness and the urgency with which the community must maintain a healthy body and mind. An active lifestyle can help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol, which are increasingly common among the population. It also allows for the joints and the overall body to be strong and prevents the chance of pain and injuries.

A spokesperson for Nirvana Travel & Tourism said: “The Paris-Sorbonne University is doing a tremendous job working with the people in our community and we are very happy to support them in their efforts.” He added, “It is essential that we invest in our youth and encourage them in every way we can. The race that the university has organized will be a great asset in helping channel the growth and development of our young men and women, and will also benefit the wider community.”  

This approved event by Abu Dhabi Sports Council target perfectly the objectives link the sports event with the tourism will feature a number of races including, the Lulu Island Circle 20kms race, the Night Technical Race, and the Long-Distance Relay Race 28kms and courses that take athletes on new and more exciting routes. During the Pizza Party that will be hosted at Yas Marina following the race, awards distributed to the winners and participants. 

This will be the second successful collaboration between Nirvana Travel & Tourism and Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, as Nirvana Travel & Tourism was already the primary sponsor for the race in 2016.