Isn’t it enough?

Isn’t it enough?
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Donia Al watan

Mhammad Aljundi

Beautiful Syria in its desert with its terebinth trees, in its Euphratean cities and villages (Deir ez-Zor, Abu Kamal etc.) and their summer “Jerdaghs” (cafes-pavilions), in its littoral hills and shores where woodlands and fountains and summer resorts spread, in its millenarian cities (Damascus, Homs, Hama, Latakia etc.), in its south that is full of history, in its people that are sure of themselves and civilized and peaceful, in its everything, has been afflicted with barbaric aggression, which was scenarioed by American intelligence. The ugly savage scenario has hit nearly all our region and other regions in the world. It is a barbaric method to reconquer the world.

Since 2011 blood flows in Syria, formidable crimes are perpetrated by obscurantist groups that do their ferity only for ferity. They kill people, demolish everything they reach, quarters, villages, cities, fountains, history etc.

The aggression is choired by American and ally mass media with the most impudent lies.

Evidently, Syria has defended and it defends its people and its territories and it must do. The war has cost a lot because the Fomenters have provided their “groups” with fatal weaponry and with consultants and operation rooms.

Albeit, the country is still surviving and resisting the big attack.

The turning point was that American air force has violated Syrian air and American troops have intruded the north of Syria. That is occupation. The same has Turkey done. The problem is now more complicated.

Of course, Russia will not clash and for this reason it responds to Geneva maneuvers that equates illegal “opposition” with legal regime. These maneuvers lead only to more bleeding of the country.

American administration insists on having a base in Syria and another base in Yemen, in order to get a strategic advantage against Iran. The current plans restore the old ones, which target to reoccupy the Middle East. Does Russia accept to share occupation with the US? At least, that is what maybe American establishment try to carry out. But this would be in contradiction with the reality in the region. This means that, if the aggression plans have gone on, clash would be inevitable and this would be neither in American interest, nor in American people interest. If invasion of Iraq has shaken the American economy and American people, how would a big clash do?

Maybe American establishment would not enter in a big adventure but the American intelligence will go on in black plans against countries and peoples, including federative Russia and china.

Syria and the region will suffer more and more. Six years would not be enough (!). The hot points in the world (in the Middle East, in Europe and in the Far East) will stay hot as long as American plans stay aggressive.