"The Cinema of street "back again on Gaza strip

"The Cinema of street "back again on Gaza strip
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Donia Al watan 
A large piece of the skin installed in all aspects within the municipal park  of Zahra, was sufficient to collect child Al-Zahra region since the hours after the follow-up to these new scenes in the region, and how this panel surrounded by dozens of activists and volunteers to draw a smile on the faces of children

This scene is a part of young volunteers who they are serve on camps of children, according to   the "launch beautiful initiatives" on the city through streets of Gaza to please the children ,"back of The cinema of street " the place full of children who they are thirsty to pleasure and fun and not only children's but also their families.   

Marah: young children who was on the park since afternoon "I know about this from

Advertising Before days of the show, I'm looking forward to see the cinema which they are talking about it on movies, I came here with my family to see the cinema.

The party start with Beautiful show and fun moments with children until afternoon, when the sun set down and for 2 hours the children start to see the Cartoon.  

The coordinator of the initiative Omar El Ruzi said: The cinema of the street, Is an Idea by young people, implemented by the general youth council of the middle area, funding by (saving   of the future of the youth) .  

Ruzi is adding " The initiative is about welfare activates, the cartoon film is having an idea and message to the children, according these films we improve principles and methods, ambition and these activates help the children to get good social relationship among them and others finally, Because of the crisis of Gaza such as the electricity crisis (shout down of it for so many hours) children suffer from repression so these activities help them to below off some steam and this idea makes them happy     

The initiative held in two places first one on El-Nusierat Camp and El Zahra area.