After his presidency of Hamas: Complicated files waiting of Hanyia

After his presidency of Hamas: Complicated files waiting of Hanyia
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Donia Al watan 

Upon the elections curtains of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement 

Come down which resulted by the election of the leader Ismail Haniya, head of the Political Bureau of the movement, observers of the Palestinian affair, that many of the large files and "complicated files " will be on the table of  Haniya during the coming period.

According to the observers, this period of time is very sensitive and complicated which the Movement face it, for four years, the most important files is internal including of Hamas itself and external: which is Hamas desire to (explaining of Hamas new document) and having deep relationship with the Arabic and Islamic countries but without desire of ending the division or the Palestinian Reconciliation. 

Explaining of Hamas new Document: 

According to the professor of political science at Al Azhar University  Mukhaimer Abu Seada "is the marketing of the new political movement document, and on the Arab, Islamic and international levels, in particular the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the updating of the old tasks of the movement.

Abu seada said To Doina  Al-Watan – Website " Haniya will try to move the file of the Palestinian Reconciliation and finish disagreement with the Fatah Movement. To alleviate the suffering of the citizens in the Gaza Strip," confirming that "charismatic personality of the man, as a moderate political will increase accepted of him internationally.

According to the writer, political any list Huss am El Djany"There are four fails on the table, first, Transform from theory to practice, the file of the unity of the Palestinian political system on the basis of partnership, and to ensure that the lifting of the siege and relieve the population in the Gaza Strip, the restoration of the External Relations of the movement, and to remove Hamas from the lists of international terrorism".  

Reconciliation with Fatah

On his part, the writer and political analyst Talal Okal, said to Donia Al Waa tan Web site   next period, there are so many things of Hanyia to do because he was live in Gaza and understand the real suffering of the people here.

Okal is adding to Donia Al Watan –on the future Hanyia will make change of the political practice according of the new document of the movement, and the division which the Palestinian people suffer of this continuing division.

 In the same point.Hmzah Abu shanab the political analyst, writer He predicate "Hamas Movement will be more openness of Fatah movement to complete recompilation file and ending the Palestinian division will strength and   improve relationship with Egypt and Iran as

As a priority in the current stage, the relationship with Qatar and Turkey will remain as it is now."