White House: The west wall "Buraq" Palestinian not Israeli

White House: The west wall "Buraq" Palestinian not Israeli
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Donia Al watan

New disagreement between Israel and U.S.A because untied state

It seems that a new dispute between Israel and the United States of America started to float on the surface, to establish the United States of America to the western wall of the Al-aqsa mosque "wailing" within the Palestinian territories, as the Israeli government considers the holiest site for Jews in the whole world, as the last remaining structure of King Solomon, while the Palestinians consider it part of the Haram al-Sharif and follows the Al-aqsa mosque.

This dispute according preparation of the visit of Trump to Israel and the Palestinian

Territory which will be on 22 of may 2017.

 During a tour of the crew of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, and held discussions with representatives of the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on security arrangements, the midst, deputy chairman of the crew in the White House  atmosphere, and head of the mission, that for the US administration, the site is located within the Palestinian territories and Israel, therefore, Israel has not any authority of the site .