The two-state solution," the first tests of the Arab-US summit "Islamic"

The two-state solution," the first tests of the Arab-US summit "Islamic"
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Donia Al watan
It is expected that the hosts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 20th of this month, the American Islamic Arab Summit, to be attended by the leaders of the Arab and Islamic worlds to president Donald Trump, who visits the United Kingdom next week.

The summit comes at the invitation of Saudi Arabia, to discuss a number of international files in general, regional and, in particular, to be attended by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, while the Palestinian issue and the focus in the agenda of the Summit.

The success of the Arab-US summit on, inter alia, the conditions imposed by the international, Arab and Palestinian situation, and the importance of Saudi Arabia to discuss the Iranian file to the interventions of Iran in the Arab and Syrian affair.

In this context, political analyst and writer, Mazen Net, strong change created himself on the agenda of the scripts in the work of the Us president Donald Trump ideas, toward the Arab and Islamic region; after the electoral promises his debates against Arabs and Muslims, is now moving to form a strong alliance head of Arab States and the Sunni Islamic countries.