Newspaper: The great deal between Trump and Netanyahu will be decisive

Newspaper: The great deal between Trump and Netanyahu will be decisive
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Donia Al watan
said local newspaper Jerusalem, citing sources in Washington, that the talks held between the US president, Donald Trump, with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during his visit to the region next week, after a visit to Saudi Arabia to attend the Islamic Gulf summit and the Arab summit in Riyadh, will be crucial.

The newspaper explained that the talks concerning the steps to be taken by the US administration on the efforts by the Trump with a view to reaching a comprehensive peace in the region, or what is called the US president "great deal", where the Trump wants to hear clear Israeli answers in response to the willingness to achieve peace and normalization of relations with Israel if the latter expressed its willingness to put an end to the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state under the Arab peace initiative.

The newspaper quoted, the second Hebrew channel as saying that signs of diplomatic crisis between the US and Israel on the background of existing preparations to receive president Trump, indicating that the US delegation rejected an Israeli proposal to visit the Wailing Wall, where the US crew considered the area under Palestinian sovereignty and authority of Israel, and to visit the Trump place would be alone without accompanying any Israeli official.

The channel referred to, that the US crew, which is to visit the Trump yesterday continued visiting Al-buraq and  Church of resurrection after the request of the Israeli crew withdrawal from the place.