Saudi Arabia: the trilateral summit in Riyadh will lead to "change the rules of the game"

Saudi Arabia: the trilateral summit in Riyadh will lead to "change the rules of the game"
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Donia AL watan 
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said that the trilateral summit to be hosted by the kingdom in Riyadh next week; on the sidelines of the visit of the Us president Donald Trump, will lead to "change the rules of the game".

The publication of the official website of the Islamic Arab Summit America launched by Saudi Arabia, commented: "48 hours of dialog leading to change the rules of the game".

Observers believe that one of the main axes of the summits of the Trump in the kingdom will be the face of what is described as a "Iran" interventions in the affairs of the region.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the acute crisis, after the Riyadh Declaration on 3 January 2016, cut off diplomatic relations with the latter, on the background of the attacks on the kingdom's embassy in Tehran, and consulate in Mashhad city, north of Iran, setting fire to them.

As tension in the relations between the two countries, due to a number of files, the most prominent of the Iranian nuclear file which, in the view of the Riyadh that threatens the security of the region, Yemeni and Syrian ; where Saudi Arabia Accuses Iran of supporting the Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria and the alliance of Al Houthi militants in Yemen.

It is expected the participation of 55 leader or a representative of the Islamic world countries in three summits, as well as Trump, according to the site, and that during the last few days, the Saudi King, calls for a number of leaders to attend the summit of the Islamic Arab states.

He also invited all the leaders of the Gulf states to attend the Arab summit, the US Gulf summit, before the agency declares Saudi Arabia, on the other Gulf Consultative Summit.