Hamas: "Trump speech is Racist"

Hamas: "Trump speech is Racist"
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Donia Al watan
The Hamas movement described, on Tuesday evening, the US president's speech, Donald Trump, delivered in Jerusalem as "racist par excellence", which aims to stabilize the pillars of the system of apartheid

The movement spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, in a press statement, "The letter encourages hatred of the Palestinian people, and the relationship of the Jews in Jerusalem, the eternal historical forgery of history is contrary to the reports of the Organization (UNESCO) and (escwa), which stressed the right of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and the right of the Jews".

He added: This biased American policy will encourage the occupation to commit more crimes and violations against our sanctuaries and pose a risk to their constants with legitimate resistance".

He stressed the need to face this unity on a national strategy involving all the protection and defense of constants of the Palestinian rights, indicating that the bet on the US role to redress the Palestinian people

Losing bet and marketing popular belief, as he said.