America demands from Israel to transfer land from the Area "C" to "B"

America demands from Israel to transfer land from the Area "C" to "B"
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Donia Al watan
Israeli Channel 10, confirmed that the United States demanded the Israeli government to transfer several towns and lands of the area "C" to the area "B", in this case does not become these areas belonging to the Israeli civilians.

The channel said: "that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, opposes such a move", claiming that there was no loss of political wealth on small steps when the objective is to take big steps.

According to the channel, the US administration believes that the facilities of the mini ministerial council approved for politics and security (الكابينيت to grant the Palestinians at the beginning of the week, before the visit of the Trump, inadequate.

According to the new scheme, the Shu'fat refugee camp and Kafr after the Jerusalem Municipality administratively merged in the framework of a local council outside Jerusalem with staying under full Israeli control, live in the town and the camp of more than 140 thousand Palestinian Jerusalemites, according to the website of the Arabs 48 It is scheduled to reach the son-in-law trump the special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblat, to Israel for the follow-up to talks with Netanyahu, while the Minister for Foreign Affairs of America to trump pressure on Netanyahu and Abbas to make serious concessions.

The tillerson: "The solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict would be the path of the solution in the Middle East as a whole."

On its part, "Yediot Aharonot" on its website, the US Secretary of State, tillerson, he replied: "I think that the return of each state separately, will speak on behalf of them," in response to the question "Is the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is the requirement to establish relations between Israel and other countries in the Middle East, or that it is possible to proceed with the two together."