Cinema Lesson Can Contribute to Children’s Education

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Donia Al watan
Mohammadreza Kheradmandan, the director of “21 days later”, which was screened at Fajr Film Festival, told the press office of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth held in Isfahan: “decentralizing film festivals from Tehran and spreading them across the country is creates more potentials for better achievements.”

Isfahan proved to be experienced in holding children film festival and is scheduled to host it for another 4 years.

Kheradmandan said: “Isfahan is cultural and artistic city and is believed to be a great place to host children and children filmmakers.”

He added: “children are influenced by products of cinema. It must be majorly important to us filmmakers what we create for such a flexible group of people. There must be policymaking strategies and investment for children cinema.”

Kheradmandan said: “Ministry of Education and cinema must interact mutually to educate children and youth. Cinema lesson can indirectly contribute to children’s education.”

He said: “cinema challenges children’s imagination. A short film of a minute can help teachers to teach a lesson or convey a message like courage, God, and self confidence easily.”