Iranian Animation and Audience/Emphasis on Int’l Release

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Donia Al watan

Professional and interdisciplinary meeting of “Iranian Animation and Audience” was held in Tehran University of Art on June 13, 2017.

Fatemeh Shakib, head of animation and motion picture department at Tehran University of Art, Babak Nekouei, lecturer and animation director, Farrokh Yekdaneh, lecturer and animation direct and Mohammadreza Moghadasian, cinema critic held the fourth professional and interdisciplinary meeting of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Fatemeh Shakib said: “animation is a field of interest in arts and festivals. However, audiences’ taste and their views is a concern in for animators,” Soureh Cinema reported.

She also noted that the television plays an important role in shaping the audiences’ taste.

“Animation in Iran requires statistical research to identify the audience taste. One should consider economic growth of a country a crucial element in animation,” she added.

Moghadassian also noted attracting audience is the main element in animation industry and other elements enjoy lower priority. He said: “commissioned animation is becoming the main stream of the animation industry in Iran which made the process of growth quite slow.”

Nekouei, however, found age and standards of animation making of higher priority than attractive scenario. He said: “reaching out to the international market of animation must be among our policies. If proper strategies are adopted, funding and budgeting of animation industry will be productive.”

Farrokh Yekdaneh said: “children psychology is an inspiration and accompanying children in becoming the best of them is the largest success. Post production, distribution of animation, and attracting investors complete the equation of success of an animation.”