The president of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth announced the first screenplay competition

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Donia Al watan 

According to the information center of the 30th int’l film festival for children and youth, Alireza Rezadad, the president of the festival, appoints Assadollah A’laei, Jamshid Khanian, Hamid Dehghanpour, Majid Sedighi, Qassem’ali Ferasat, Bijan Bagheri and Vahid Nik Khah Azad as the first screenplay competition jury members.

Asadollah Ala’ei

Born in 1960, Shahr-e Rey, Asadollah Ala’ei has a MA in Communication and a BA in Graphic Designing. He’s been working in Iranian broadcasting for a long time as TV channel head, producer and writer. He was a board member of Saba Institute and a jury member of Isfahan film festival for children and youth.

Jamshid Khania

Jamshid Khanian was born in 1961, Abadan. His first short stories published in 1993 and his first novel, "She", in 1996. “Babour”, “Love in the Time of Ricken”, “Drawing Tool” and “the Forth Letter” are among his play pieces. "Childhood of the Earth" and "Sabour" are his two famous novels about the holy defence.

Hamid Dehghanpour

Born in 1947, Kermanshah, Hamid Dehghanpour has a MA in dramatic literature, a BA in film directing from the dramatic arts of Tehran University. He’s now a PhD student of Literature. “Silk, the Gift of Deserts” and “the Biologic Conflict” are among his documentaries. He’s been a jury member in several editions of Fajr, Roshd, Vahdat, Rousta and Sima film festivals. He’s also a board member and the vice-president of the Cinema House.

Mohammad Sedigh

Mohammad Sedighi was born in 1979 in Isfahan. He is a writer, director and lecturer. He earned his BA in Dramatic Literature. He is the head of Theater Department at Isfahan Art and Culture University. His filmography includes over 50 films and documentary. He was also a member of jury at various prestigious festivals including Soureh Film Festival, Isar and Moghavemat Film Festival.

Qassem’ali Ferasat

Qassem’ali Ferasat was born in 1959 in Golpayegan, Isfahan Provice. He was accepted at Tehran University in 1977 but was fired from the university on the eve of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. He returned to the university following the Iranian Cultural Revolution in 1980 to attend Tehran’s College of Fine Arts. He published his first story collection under title of “Ziarat” (Pilgrimage). Following Iran-Iraq war, Ferasat chose to write about the concept of “Holly Defense”.

Bijan Mirbagheri

Bijan Mirbagheri was born in 1968 in Tehran. He is a graduate of cinematography from Tehran University of Art. He started his career as a painting teacher at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

His filmography includes “the Blue Boy”, “the Man and the Shadow”, “Two Sisters”, “Unwritten Letter” and “the Third Floor.

Vahid Nik Khak Azad

Vahid Nik Khah Azad was born in 1956 in Tehran. He is a producer, production manager and screenwriter. He started his professional career since 1985. “Gonjeshkak-e Ashi-Mashi”, “Fostered Kid”, “the Beauty and the Beast”, “Half Mine, Half Yours”, and “Ali and Dani” are only a part of his filmography.

The 30th int’l film festival for children and youth will be held from June 30 to July 6 in Isfahan.