Isfahan Has the Potential to Become the Pilot of Children Cinema

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Donia Al watan

“If we grab this 4-year chance to work hard for the festival, there will be no challenge ahead in the next years’ children cinema since any single tension in the festival affects directly the cinema atmosphere”, the president of the 30th int’l film festival for children and youth says in the opening ceremony of the 40 children films.

According to the information center of the 30th int’l film festival for children and youth, Alireza Rezadad says that he cares more about the production process than the festival itself. “Films produced in Isfahan are qualified to attend int’l short film festivals all around the world. If we didn’t have any vision about what festival would look like, we wouldn’t proceed at all. We should get over theory and be more practical.”

He also adds, “If we don’t manage the event properly, the whole process means nothing and leads to any further future developments. All the cities in the country have the potential to hold such cultural events so we should consider it. It’s an honor to have Isfahan as the center of our children cinema since the city has the second rate in Iran’s cinema economy. I proudly can claim that Isfahan has the potential to be the pilot of Iranian children cinema.”