MADA wrapped up the third training course on self-censorship of journalists and its impact on freedoms

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Donia Al watan
Thursday 6/07/2017, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (Mada) wrapped up the third training workshop of two days tackling the issue of self-censorship and its impact on freedoms for journalists and media students.

The training workshop tackled the various aspects of the topic of self-censorship practiced by the journalist, local and international laws and regulations governing the subject matter and the question whether there is positive self-censorship. Additionally, the issue of violations practiced against journalists and their rights although their right is guaranteed within the Palestinian Basic Law.

The training was conducted by the media specialist, Majed Arouri, who introduced the concept and types of censorship and self-censorship, the consequences of their practice, the role of professional media in monitoring the work of governments and the management of public affairs. The training also tackled the topic of crimes of publication within the Palestinian Penal Code.

During the opening of the training workshop, the Director General of Mada, Mousa Rimawi, pointed out the importance of this training course which will deepen the journalists' knowledge of their rights and their awareness of the topic of self-censorship they exert on themselves as a result of many political and social factors and the negative impact that has on freedom of expression and consequently on the development of Palestinian society.

At the end of the course, participants expressed the importance of such training and the need to familiarize journalists in Palestine with the subject matter and called for more similar courses to build their capacities in this field.

The training activity was funded by the European Foundation for Democracy, which is part of a series of activities carried out by the Mada Center to raise awareness and knowledge of self-censorship, especially for local journalists. The Center has conducted two training workshops on the same topic in Nablus and Bethlehem. Mada will continue its efforts in combating the negative impact of self-censorship on freedom of expression, in various forms.
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