The Palestinian Christian in the Jerusalem

The Palestinian Christian in the Jerusalem
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By:Editor –in-chief : Abudlah Essa

Palestinians young man who is A Christian from Jerusalem raised the Bible (holy book) of the Christians the young man stand in front of the mosque.

And this action spread everywhere but this is not anew event of the Palestinians people in the Jerusalem, they talk everywhere about this picture but Yasser Arafat makes this coexistence between Muslims ,Jewish ,Christians when he appointment of a minister in the Palestinian Authority (The Jewish Rabbi Hirsch and Saloum The member of the legislative council .     

Although the bloody sheet between Palestinian people and the occupation these days after El –Aqsa Crises because of criminal Practice of the occupation.

The most important fact of the holy city (Jerusalem)     One of the first Christians in Jerusalem, a Palestinian Christian and realize the Islamic conquests and enter of  Islam is the engineer please bin Heiwah , which became an adviser to the caliph Abdul Malik Bin Marwan, then Suleiman bin Abdul Malik we must  pointed to two rebellious: The first building of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the structural outline of the Al-aqsa, which we see so far unique architectural masterpiece of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-aqsa courtyards


Second: that the Al Khalifa Suleiman bin Abdullah king to appoint a Caliph Omar Bin Abdul Aziz as Crown Prince, and thus become Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa Muslims Al-rashed V, a noble goal achieved by please bin , if the builder of the Al-aqsa mosque was originally Christian, how the coexistence between Muslims and foreigners, and the pictures that we saw the christians significant evidence on the coexistence between Christians and Muslims and Jews who don't follow the Zionist.

But Israel insists on fabricating problems and raising public opinion and Muslims toward the ceiling, although it was aware that the Al-aqsa Mosque and the position after the CUSTODIAN of the Two Holy Mosques.