Israel heads toward the fate of South Africa

Israel heads toward the fate of South Africa
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Editor : Abdlah Essa

The up erasing of Ea Aqsa had discovered that Israel is gonging to bad fate and the   

and stubbornness, which was characterized by the South African Apartheid regime, is the same Israeli intransigence and arrogance and haughtiness.

I remember that in the 1970s of the last century, intensified the violence in South Africa between blacks and whites, and when he raised the issue of the racial system in America finally, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to South Africa; to put forward solutions to the problem, and met with Ian Smith, head of the Government of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was at that time in prison, and the caricature artist dollars in American Magazine Pure fee to the problem in South Africa, that drawing kissinger sat on a chair, and opposite Ian Smith.

While speaking Kissinger about equality between blacks and whites, the Smith imagine that what he says means that sitting black person for the holy place, while Smith holds a fan of the Hay-driven over the top of the black man.

While the black man stands behind Smith and imagined the talk that is going between the two men that eating a piece of meat.

In fact, the years took place until Nelson Mandela came out of prison, and verified the prophecy of An Artist

Mandela became president of South Africa as Chairman of the whites and blacks

During the years of the arrest of Nelson Mandela, the system of apartheid in South Africa to come out to the people of the African Conference; to ask them to stop the violence, went out in the procession of the flagrante delicto, he said a word, he said: "My dear to me, but the freedom of the people of the most important".

After years forced the South African regime, the release of Nelson Mandela, the elections took place in South Africa, and won the presidency of the State, the South African regime ended the obstinacy of barbarism, and tyranny of the blacks.

Now the Palestinian people live the same experience with Israel, Israel may not feel that it has become a pariah in the world as a racist, as happened with South Africa, the whole world Ostracized as a system of racial segregation, and no longer the myths that Vocalize by Israeli governments are useless, and the continuation of the adoption of the Israeli government to the Zionist lobby in America, it will not last long, tender, there will come a time not so long ago, so stop the world Israel, so as to end the story of the racist regime in Palestine forever, as happened in South Africa.

I think that Netanyahu drag Israel into the abyss.