Grouping and development

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Donia Al watan

Mhammad Aljundi

In his bestial history, the homo (man’s ancestor) had not any social ties. Maybe he lived in a herd or wandering alone. He devoured his kind and this stayed to a longtime, perhaps even now, some savage milieus have like practice. Devouring kids were practiced.

Bestial history extended very long till man has started to tame his kind instead of devouring him. Taming and subjugating of kind are in the root of emergence of the society. It was a long process that has needed very long time. In the social grouping and in a long time, too, the magicians or primitive priests could transfer sounds to a saying tool, i.e. to primitive language. That was possible only after the social grouping, i.e. it was not in herd days or in single wandering days. In addition, as the primitive language was that of magicians, it has taken the quality of sanctity and the magic force that are still used in amulets and talismans.

Primitive language has become more and more expressive and more and more diverse with the diversity of groupings. Because of conflicts and contacting of groupings with each other, diversification was accompanied with interacting in each other and with restructuring sounds in every language. It was accompanied also with extending groupings to original clans and tribes then to tribe union and the old political entities.

The old groupings have achieved the transition from hunting only to taming beasts and to pasturing. That was historically very important because it has made living and moving easier.

A big leap in development was in connecting drawing with sounds. That has needed a long time and it has made a turn in the history of mankind. Talk has connected between people and between people unities and writing has connected between generations and between the past and the present. Also, the writing was evolved by magicians or priests, so it was sanctified and from the days of old Egypt, it was taken as coming from heaven.

Writing was evolved with the transition to farming. It was also accompanied with emergence of kingdoms and empires.

Herd is not socialized grouping, it is spontaneous and neutral. It does not include collective action. Socializing began with enslaving step(!), which has opened way of together work, which homo (man’s ancestor) could not do or grasp. In slavery period, slaves work together but not for their own but for their masters’ interest. This working together has moved man to the following steps of development. Plus, it has shortened the time of shifting from one to another period of development. For Many thousands of years, man has stayed in his bestial living. Maybe in a couple of thousands he has moved to faming. From the Egyptian and coeval civilizations to Age of Enlightenment (1715-1789) is about 4700 years. The capitalism has created after French revolution (1789) another kind of enslavement and has moved humanity and mankind to the age of space and paranormal achievements.

Plus, the time from the 1789 to 1936 (end of silent films) is 263 years, while from 1936 to 1945 is 9 years and from 1945 to 1961 (trip of Uri Gagarin in the space is 6 years. Now development soars in days and sometimes in hours and in minutes. This is produce o collective work in every side of societies, in research centers, in giants of production or of services, in societies of culture, in political formations, in armies and administrative formations, in tools of world hegemony etc.

Slaves of tribalism and feudalism have produced the old civilizations and built kingdoms and empires; in return, slaves of capitalism have built paranormal civilization of today. Mankind is due to the old and the modern slaves but they have worked and work not to their own interest but to that of their masters. Most of them, hardly in the past have got a decent living and the same is in the present. Now the financial masters of the world possess more than 90 percent of the world wealth. The rest of people (of modern slaves) are distributed between hunger and want and minority is between sufficiency and luxury.

 Since the emergence of Marxism, a sterile discussion runs about what better is for the society, capitalism or communism. The capitalism has waged and still wages overall fierce wars on its social enemies. It does not argue with them, it represses and oppresses them everywhere.    

Scientific-socialism relies on groupings of free individuals that work for their own interest, for improving their living, for developing their societies and their states, for the future of their peoples, for their kids, for the human future, for the development of science and technology and of culture, for providing various services to society and to individual life. In a couple of years (3-5 years), the Soviet Union has achieved its industrial revolution and in a couple of years (from 1945 to 1950), it could (without Marshall’s plan) achieve reconstruction of the country and 1961, it has sent Uri Gagarin to space.

The question is not comparing capitalism with scientific-socialism, as it is not comparing capitalism with past slave systems. Sure, capitalism represents high development in comparison with past slavery systems. Capitalism has brought about development and abolition of old slavery. Similarly, scientific-socialism mean development and abolition of capitalism slavery.

Socialized grouping was and is tool of human development and was, too, in the service of masters (tribal, feudal, capitalist etc.) and it stays like this till the time, in which, the scientific-socialism liberates man and societies. Other liberations are deceit.