Misfortune of the third world countries

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Donia Al watan
The third world countries are heritage of colonialism days. The emergence and the rise of Soviet Union have helped most of them to reach their political independences after the second world war. To their tragedy, they were pool of poverty, famine and traditional, social structure. Tribalism and underdeveloped feudalism have produced political third world elites that are politically and economically allied with the old colonialism masters, so, the third world peoples have generally stayed under double influence of local chieftains and foreign masters. Then the coups that are fomented by American intelligence have come and brought to the arena quasi-liberalist figures that have led political forces and countries in the late past century.

In the past century, the American intelligence could do a lot. In particular, it has built the fortresses of American influence, first American dollar as world currency, second the NATO that guarantees the American hegemony on western Europe, third Israel that dominates the Middle East. In addition, it has succeeded in subverting the scientific-socialist regimes in Europe and in defaming scientific-socialism as failing regimes (in spite of what they have implemented and have provided to the humanity and to their societies); it has also blockaded or subverted every progressive pollical force or regime.

In contradiction to the interest of their countries and their peoples, third world elites have helped American intelligence to implement its plans. Motives are not always personal, i.e. not always interpreted with hiring agents or with treason. They repose in the societies on the traditional structure and on poverty that make possible to levy people and in intelligence tools on the colossal machine of the mass media and hiring money which levy some and recruits other innumerable people with charlatanries. Milliards are people that are deceived with American democracy. A lot know from democracy its name only. They take it as well-being or as justice or as anything good. East Europeans have not generally connected American democracy with the collapse of the state, with poverty and hunger, with begging and homelessness, with dislodgement and roaming in the world etc. East European intelligentsia has generally not seen but the high remunerations of its western parallel; it has not seen the unemployment of white collars or the discrimination or the high cost of living. Many kinds of charlatanries and many kinds of deceits!

After demolishing the scientific-socialist European regimes that have cost mankind a lot, American administration has headed seriously to reinvade the world. Tools were many. For the developed world, the tool of “democracy” and the American country of “wealth” and” happiness” still works; for the third world, there are dangerous tools that are used since 1980s. they are complex of fomenting massacres and military aggressions. The intelligence uses sectarianism and obscurantism to subvert countries and regimes, then it comes the military invention or, as in Iraq, the military invention first then kindling sectarianism.

With subverting methods, in addition of poverty, underdevelopment and traditional social problem, third world countries and peoples, suffer of many political, economic and social disasters. And what for? That is not to the interest of American people or to American economy because it shakes that economy and the social stability. That is not to the interest of American allies because it subverts markets and industry.

Plus, the ring is now no more empty; there are big powers (Russia and China) and there are well-armed countries like north Korea. Sanctions don’t do a job. Also, intelligence can’t do in Russia and China and even in North Korea what it does in third world countries. It has already tried (in Chechenia, Georgia, Ukraine etc., also in Tibet, Yugurs etc.) and failed.

mostly, American establishment will not change its foreign politics and this threatens with universal catastrophe. Maybe the other powers will be more reasonable and more sticking to the safety of our globe. Maybe, too, safety will triumph at last. But till then the third world countries will stay the victim of American plans. Alas