Sheep in Wolves Clothing! Who to Trust?

Sheep in Wolves Clothing! Who to Trust?
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Donia Al watan

It has become quite common in the war-torn Middle East to profiteer off the causes of others. It is less about identifying with a cause and more about return on investment. The No. 1 example in this sad scenario is the lucrative armament industries, where the major manufacturers will supply to whoever can pay. The more death and destruction, the more orders come in for more weaponry.

Who cares who dies; how many innocent civilians perish in the indiscriminate use of their sophisticated lethal load! The only ‘line’ that is drawn is the ‘Bottom Line’ – net profit.

If the armament suppliers are the most conspicuous defilers on the shifting sands of an evolving Middle East, there are others, subtler, more nuanced, but no less keen to profit off the misery of others. I am referring to the ever-increasing cadre of academics – professors at prestigious universities who clothe themselves in platitudes of support but who too are looking for a ‘bottom Line”, which is raising their identity for greener pastures. There is no more attractive cause as the plight of our fellow Palestinians! Their endless misery that sees no end, offers a world stage for aspiring ‘actors’ to establish a reputation.

We can see how some of these academics have no problem playing with other people’s pain for personal gain.

Take for example Eric Olin Wright,  the University of Wisconsin-Madison sociology professor who tells students that capitalism creates “a world of great misery, inequality and oppression” that “is irrational in ways that hurt nearly everyone,” while he rakes in a sweet annual salary of $170,000 per year.

While this well-heeled professor declares that capitalism “generates harm” and “generates injustices”. This is the same capitalism, he has no problem ‘exploiting’ to further his own luxurious nest.

While the MacIver Institute ranked Wright’s course as “the most wasteful class” in the entire 26-campus University of Wisconsin system, his annual salary of $170,000 is $116,111 greater than the household income of a typical Wisconsin family and in the top two percent of all Americans.

The tenured, capitalism-hating professor is laughing all the way to the bank.

He is hardly alone!

Speaking Frank’ly

When it comes to exploiting the Palestinian cause, we are well used to it!

Another example of this academic arrogance is Prof. Katherine Mitchell Franke.

Palestinians in the West Bank suffer daily indignities from Occupation forces and countless people don’t have hot meals in Gaza because the detestable Occupation cuts off the electricity. While Gazans can’t even switch on the light, Franke and her partner Janlori Goldman own a luxury apartment in Manhattan valued at 3.4 million dollars. They enjoy the life of luxury in Manhattan, with Franke mysteriously earning a $1.63 million annual salary. That is roughly ten times the going rate for a U.S. professor! How is this so?

Is Palestinian suffering feeding the appetites of American professors?

So yes, Franke is an Affiliated Faculty member of the Center for Palestine Studies, supports Palestine Legal, which provides legal support to BDS groups, visits the Palestinian territories and has served as an academic mentor for the human rights faculty at al-Quds University – whatever this all means!

What it clearly ‘means’ is she does well out of it!

The more uncomfortable the Palestinians, the more comfortable Prof. Franke is, as her financial trajectory goes up commensurate with her public support for Palestine. No wonder other academicians have cottoned on to the benefits on being in the Palestinian camp! It’s good for business!

Exposing Hypocrisy

Franke is an outspoken promoter of radical feminism, which undermines traditional family life. That said, how can she claim she supports the Palestinian cause when she tries to promote her opinions that insult traditional Muslim cultural and family values, while simultaneously supporting and praising the “liberal secular lifestyle” of Tel Aviv?

Or maybe she is a supporter of both, depending on which brings her more exposure in the public eye.

She cannot criticize Israel for being an occupier and an oppressor of the Palestinian people and at the same time describe them as an example of liberalism and progress.

You can’t play it both ways and remain true to yourself and your primary cause.

It’s not enough her being hypocritical. She goes the extra mile under the guise of identifying with and supporting the Palestinians suffering under Israel’s talons, while simultaneously preaching her radical, subversive narrative.

When it suits this legal contortionist, she switches positions. She is smart – that is why she makes so much money and lives in the most expensive real estate in the world, while

Palestinians roam around literally ‘in the dark’ in Gaza.

True Colors

Prof. Franke has been drinking from the Palestinian well for years. On the surface, she purports to fight on behalf of their struggle, but in practice, she doesn’t hesitate to swap allegiances.

The Palestinian people have become accustomed to the goodwill of human rights activists from around the world, who stand by them throughout their legitimate struggle for a righteous cause.

We welcome with open arms the western activists, especially American women and men, who offer a helping hand in the struggle against the Occupation. That does not mean Palestinians are blind to those who have their own agenda and abuse an honorable cause to further their personal interests!

Such is Franke.

Have the Palestinian people become the ATM that anyone who wants to make money at their expense can withdraw from?

Palestinians have more pride that that!