Suspicious Channels Finance Building New Settlement in Jordan Valley

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Donia Al watan

By: Madeeha Araj,

The Registrar of Israeli Associations disclosed that the Israeli SIGAL Fund Association supported by Netanyahu's close friends annually allocates funds to the Israeli right-wing settlers through pumping millions of dollars to support settlements and settlers in the occupied territories. The association is funded by the Jewish "Filak" family in Panama, who is one of the wealthiest Jewish businessmen in the world, and one of the families that finances Netanyahu's election campaigns and his activities. The SIGAL was officially registered in 2007 with its objectives to establish and develop educational and cultural projects for the so-called "heritage of Israel", and the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem and Palestine.

However, the Registrar has found that this association is not active in any of its objectives, but merely transferring funds to the precarious gangs of settlers, who are active in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank. He added the Association finances companies owned by the family through other associations in the world, trying to conceal its identity before the world from funding settlement activities.

It is also clear that the Filak family has financed settlement projects in the Silwan neighborhood. It also financed a terrorist gang called "Fund for the Welfare of the Zionist Idea and its realization according to Jewish roots." An Israeli investigation indicated that the Registrar of Associations didn't recommend that the Association should be legally followed-up, but merely demanded that it has to act according to its program under which it was established.

Within the context, the Israeli government, headed by Netanyahu and its various colonial armaments, escalated a comprehensive war against the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and the occupied territories classified as " area C," i.e. demolishing houses, facilities, factories and workshops, and bulldozing the land and property of citizens and depriving them from exploiting of their lands, in order to control their lands to be allocated for the settlements and in accordance with the policy of intensifying construction along the existed and future tracks of light rail, thus, the Israeli District Committee for Planning and Building approved a plan to build on a road adjacent to the Beit Safafa town.

The plan calls for the construction of dozens of residential and commercial buildings in Sderot Dov Yosef according to the master plan of Beit Safafa up to 6 floors, with a 240% on the ground and the maximum possible construction is 45% of the land area.

In attractive move, head of the State Robbie Rivlin, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Gadi Eisnkon, Army Coordinator, Buley Mordechai, and the Central Region commander, visited the Civil Administration Office. They met a number of officers, and they express their support for them, and that they will do their best to provide all service to them as they are helping the State and provide advices to it.

Last week, Netanyahu's office asked the Ministry of Finance to pay NIS 30-70,000,000 to develop the new alternative settlement called Ameyhi, which is designed to accommodate the Amonah settlers.

Within the context of the Juadizing the Jordan Valley, the right-wing Israeli Kiba' site disclosed a plan the Israeli Housing Ministry's plan to build a new settlement in the Jordan Valley. The site said that the Israeli Housing Ministry began carrying out new structures to build a settlement. According to Hebrew sites, the Ministry of Housing has made all arrangements to build about 100 settlement units in the settlement.

On the other hand, some Israeli sources revealed an agreement to release the terrorist settler, Alte Netiv from the Yitzhar settlement as the Shin Bet has confirmed that, Netive is an extremist belonging to the Hilltop Youth Organization, and that he is involved in violent activities against the Arabs and their properties as well as exposing the Palestinians' live to risk. It is noteworthy that the team defending the settler belonging to the Hananu organization, which is specialized in advocating extremist Jewish settlers, who are involved in killing the Palestinian covered by the investigation units and the Israeli judicial system.

The National Bureau documented the following Israeli Occupation and Settlers' Violations during the last week:


§  Approving the demolition of 12 residential buildings in Beit Hanina.

§  Demolishing a building belonging to Abdullah Hamdan in Issawiya village after invading the village under the pretext of building without a permit.

§  Demolishing a commercial facility in the Sal'a neighborhood between Jabal Mukabr and the Silwan town, belonging to Na'im Abu Dweih, under the pretext of building without a permit.

§  Demolishing Palestinian houses in Jerusalem is continuing, as Nir Barak Mayor of the so-called Jerusalem municipality order the demolition of a house in the Bustan neighborhood in the Silwan town, belonging to Abu Hamed Abu Sneineh.

§  Bulldozing agricultural land in the Isawiya, to build National Park. In addition, the Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem distributed demolition notices and orders to a number of houses in the town of Silwan.

§  Within the context, the "Euro Israela Association" is about to complete the construction of 2 buildings out of 4 in the "Nabi Ya'qob" settlement north of occupied Jerusalem. The company is working on other settlement projects in East Jerusalem, two of which are in Pisgat Zeev settlement, consists of the 24 settlement units and the second includes 122 units.

§  On the other hand, Rabbi Eliyahu decided to establish a Jewish religious school near the entrance of Al-AQSA Mosque.


§  Confiscating 47 donums and 261 sq.m. of land belonging to the Abu Alan family near the Dahiriya Junction, under military orders by the so-called "commander of the area" in order to widen the crossing and establish new security fortifications for the occupation army in the area at the expense of the citizens' lands.

§  Bulldozing scores of donums belonging to the Abu Humayd family, east of Yatta, south of Hebron, adjacent to the Karmiel settlement.

§  Demolishing a number of houses, structures and barracks in the Zawadin complex south of Yatta, and demolishing houses belonging to the Hathalin family.

§  Bulldozing borders of Ma'on settlement at the expense of Palestinian land, thus, destroying many trees and vineyards.

§  Demolishing a number of mobile homes donated by the European Union to Palestinian citizens in the Hebron governorate.

§  Demolishing 2 houses belonging to citizens: Moustafa Salem Awad and MOsa Ahmed Awad.

§  Banning construction of 3 homes east of Yatta, belonging to Nu'man Jabarin and Kamal Rabei.

§  Kiryat Arba settlers threw stones at a number of Palestinian houses near the settlement, of which homes of Sa'id Da'na, Jamil Saifan and Abd Al-Hay Saifan.

§  Mount Hebron, Gush Etzion and Tekoa settlers held noisy celebrations in the vicinity of the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. They raised the Zionist flags and danced. Then, went to Abu Rajab's house that was confiscated by the settlers under the protection of the Israeli army. The settlers then went to the Ibrahimi Mosque yards, performed Talmudic prayers, and danced in the outer courtyard near the shrine of Sayyidna Yusuf. Peace be upon him. The settlers and the occupation forces prevented Palestinian residents from approaching the place, even those living in the area intending to return to their homes.


§  Aiming to confiscate more lands, Beitar Illit settlers erected 10 mobile homes along the fence separating the settlement from the lands of the Palestinians. Moreover, the Israeli army closed a number of agricultural roads in the Nahalin village, west of Bethlehem using iron gates in Jabal Abu Qoron, Skik area and Wadi Jamjom.

§  Announcing the establishment of tourist routes in the middle of the Nahalin village, starts from the Daniel settlement and ends Beitar Illit settlement.

§  Banning construction of a school in the Jib Dhib village adjacent to the village of Fardis east of Bethlehem that consists of 8 mobile homes, and confiscated vehicles belonging to the Italian GBC organization, although a license was issued to establish the school.

§  A group of extremist settlers attacked a Palestinian taxi driver near the Bat Ayin settlement in Bethlehem. The settlers approached the driver, and the moment they became sure that he is an Arab; they sprayed pepper on his face and hit him.


§  Erecting 29 mobile homes have been installed in settlements adjacent to Nablus City, of which 11 in Yitzhar settlement, 9 in Einab settlement and 9 others near the Qusin village west of Nablus.

§  Confiscating 4 buses belonging to Al-Tamimi Company, at the Za'tara Checkpoint. The buses were transferred to Huwara checkpoint.