Israel goes back to the time of Herzl

Israel goes back to the time of Herzl
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  Editor-in-chief:  Abdallah ISSA

Netanyahu on  his famous book "a place under the sun", the beginnings of the Zionist war in Europe, especially the leader of the Zionist movement and the Herzl, which began at the end of the 19th century tours Europe, trying to convince the Jews in European countries to travel to the Promised Land (Palestine) and the establishment of their own state there is a Jewish state in Palestine, and totalitarian rejected by Jewish communities in Europe, Netanyahu spoke at length of the Jewish communities in Europe, and how they were living in   ghettos closed, closed on themselves, forcing Herzl ultimately to face the Jews the truth time, and said to them, according to Netanyahu: "will be liable black days in Europe, you should avoid it to travel to Palestine", but this warning did not find listening ears by Jewish communities in Europe, until the incident occurred, and Hitler large massacres of Jews

The Jews took place days, and established their own state in the 48 Palestinians, however remained the mentality of  ghetto control them, despite the atmosphere of hostility between Jews and Arabs in Israel with the Palestinians, but Israel did not try to win the support of the Palestinians and Arabs, and did not try to establish normalization with them as required, but relied on the snf: first ghetto besieged the Jews in Israel, Israel diverted to ghetto , and the second is the tyranny and power road and bloodshed in an attempt to terrorize the Palestinians in the beginning; to expel them from their homes of committing massacres like Deir Yassin and Kafr Qasim and other, now raises the Palestinians and Arabs with them large and numerous peace initiatives, in order to establish peaceful relations with Israel, the Palestinians and the Arabs, Israel insists that live in large ghetto  trapped Arabs from each side and establish relations with them in the center of the Mind Live, where Palestinians and Israelis live on the same land and breathe the same air.

The establishment of Israel peace with the Palestinians and Arabs will lead to Jews in Israel the same fate of the Jews in Europe by the Nazis led by Hitler, but Israel will face the difficult situation, the Arab Israeli wars will not stop, and Israel's approach will not lead to a change in Arab attitudes, as well as the tendency to impose peace by force; because of the Arab peoples will not tolerate for long, especially in the issue of Jerusalem.