Sudanese minister supports Israel

Sudanese minister supports Israel
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Editor in- chive: Abdllah Essa  

In the strange statements of Investment Minister Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi, confirmed the full support of Israel accusing the Palestinians to sell their lands to Israel, and that the essence of the Palestinian-Israeli problem is to sell their lands to Israel.

 Strange statements echoed on the Sudan 24 channel, recognized of meetings between the Sudanese Uma party and, Israelis in London.

It is known that the leaks are correct that the Sudan to contribute military effort with Ethiopia to repel any attack on Egyptian Renaissance dam, in addition to the anti-Israeli air strikes, they merely parties to a conspiracy in favor of Israel, the Israeli Ethiopian Sudanese parties.
The story of the sale of the Palestinians of their lands, it is the lie of the Sudanese Minister Mubarak al-Mahdi, cannot agree that lies with the struggles of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian factions, he wants to justify the employment of Israel no more, it is in the context of talk in the Sudanese space that his party is ready to receive funds from Israel, accusing the rest of the Arabs in collusion with Israel.

I smelled the smell of the Nile water from these statements and CONSPIRATORIAL on the Palestinian issue, Egypt unfortunately it issued from Sudanese Minister.