Palestine and future of the region

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Mhammad Aljundi

Since its birth as a plan, the Zionist invasion to Palestine and our region were under the ceiling of colonialism. That is why that invasion was so easy. It was as one decides for its own land. Peoples only were against the invasion and this has cost them a lot. It has cost the Palestinians the loss of lives and possessions and land and dispersal and it has cost neighbors the disasters that have taken place in the region since early twentieth century till now. The rulers of the region states were only agents of the colonialist powers, so, their leadership was vulnerable and their resistance to the invasion was formal. No wonder, therefore, that Zionist bands could in 1947 defeat Arab “armies” and that a small state (which is Israel) could in 1967 and in 1973 defeat big Arab states. Of course, there were patriotic Arabs in the event series but they could not change the results because the dominating power intelligence were stronger.

Regardless of Herzl’s Story and the Zionist conferences, Zionism and Israel are the creation of financial centers in the world and in particular Rothschild and American financial centers. Plus, that creation was supposedly to be anti-thesis of the Arab existence in the Middle East, i.e. Arabs would be for the Zionist invasion what Amerindians (red Indians) were for the European invasion. This is not a hypothesis, it was declared of in a speech of ex-Israeli prime Golda Meir in US. That means simply impossible fair or balanced settlement, as any settlement will lead to the completion of the invasion. In addition, recourse to the American administration to resolve the problem or to be a mediator is mere farce. Same is offering concessions to convince either world or American opinion. Yet Arab and Palestinian leaders have done nothing else.

Furthermore, the future of the region is one. It can’t be separated; every country has its future. Practically, when Palestinian leaders have claimed that they have right to build their own state with their own way, they have come to their current situation that has made them security guards to Israel and a blocked, suffering enclave. Practically also, when some Arab leaders have helped carrying out American plans, they have destructed the region with “Arab” spring and lost their reserves and they are suffering domestic and regional problems.

Now, future of Palestine stays dependent of the region future. if the countries of the region could build good economy and defense, they would force Israel at last to live as Middle-Eastern, unaggressive state and help Palestinians to have their own state. Sure, talk is not here concerned with privileges of some leaders, it is concerned with the interest of the Palestinian people as a hole, with the interest of prisoners, of generations and of the Palestinian entity.

Without a healthy future of the region, there is no future to anybody. American plans of destruction are targeting every part of the region. There is no balanced settlement with the American political perspectives. Proof is the current bitter tragedies. Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan regimes were totally pro-American, even pro-Israeli and they were defamed and overthrown.

Even the world is threatened. every alliance is threatened. It depends of its transitory utility.

The countries of the region are small and of modest strength. They can’t resist the great power plans but they can follow a patriotic policy and conclude suitable alliances. This may save the country but does not allow it to play a regional role. So, regional entente and cooperation are necessary to build a common future.  

For Palestine, it can’t have own future: own future is practically suffering future or no future. it needs that the region future be OK in economy, social security and stability and defense. In such case only, Palestine can do something for the region and the region can help Palestinians to regain entity.

American intelligence not only has crushed Palestinians and their cause but has also used some of them to destroy the Palestinian camps and to add more sufferings to the inhabitants. American intelligence has made Palestinian life worse and worse.

The region is in soaring destruction and Palestine is not exception,  but what is waiting is worse. Disaster of Yemen is indicator. The countries of the region are threatened with fragmentation, with occupation, with famine, with pestilences, with massacres and with disappearance. The world balance of forces may modify one or other disaster, but if the political forces in the region have not changed perspectives, nobody can make the change instead, and the American intelligence stays playing roles.

 In all cases the future of Palestine Stays dependent of the region future.